ACS are a dedicated Safety & Security Company offering a wide range of Visitor, Contractor & Staff systems designed to completely fulfil your site specific Health & Safety requirements & also providing a full site muster list using LIVE data on a rugged smart tablet!


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ACS Products LtdACS Products Ltd
is dedicated to supplying high quality solutions based around Safety & Security and by using the latest available technology.Access Control SystemsAccess Control Systems
IP networkable building Access Control Solutions to offer total control and flexibility of who, where and when people enter/exit your facility.Visitor, Contractor & Staff Registration Manager


Welcome to our Safety & Security Business...



Access Control Consultancy

Current Access Control capability/end of life survey
Access Control Audit and assessment
Access Control forecasting future budget needs and lifespan.
Access Control market research for bespoke system.
Tender writing to find that installer/integrator.
Teaching the Procurement around Access Control systems and ensuring the right product bought.
Access Control Project Management.
Ongoing support in the years ahead with your Access Control system



Visitor-Contractor Registration

ACS have produced a modular system that can start with a simple Visitor, Contractor & Staff register to a complete integrated solution including high level evacuation procedure driven Smart Tablet/iPad or Windows applications that can offer a LIVE picture of who is safe or not and also helps the Fire Marshal to follow procedure to ensure the best possible chance of getting everyone safe in an emergency. Our systems can also produce and manage Permit to work, Risk assessments, Site Induction, CSCS and DBS checks for the education sector.


Corporate Investigations

Muster Application

iMuster is the most comprehensive solution that provides complete necessary information for any safety and security situation.

This is a very powerful tool for any Fire Marshal & H&S Team as it can provide a “Bird’s Eye View” of any emergency scenario. Thus, making it easier to handle these sensitive situations in the safest way possible.


ACS Products offer a wide range of IP networkable building Access Control Solutions to offer total control and flexibility of who, where and when people enter/exit your facility. Our systems include Muster/Fire Reporting, Time & Attendance capability and integration to CCTV and other products such as our Visitor-Contractor product range. 

Company Due Diligence

Logistics Losses


Our range of video security products for surveillance applications includes IP cameras, network recorders, CCTV, monitors, accessories, encoders and security software. Offering you instant access remotely via any mobile device if and when required, our systems can alert you of any non-standard activity on your site or building.

Video/Audio Entry Systems

When a Visitor presses the call button Users in the building are notified through their PC. The Visitor can be seen and spoken to by the User via their PC and a PC handset. Access is granted or denied through the software.


UAV's for Safety & Security

One of the best innovation of ACS for Safety and Security is the integration of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to iMuster. This provides the perfect solution for all the security needs of any organisation.
ACS Safety and Security UAV’s helps to completely secure the entirety of a site covering all areas including parts that are difficult to look over like tight spaces and those that may not be covered by CCTV.

These Multi-Copters are attached with HD and Infrared Cameras that provide live video feed seen via ACS iMuster giving “Birds Eye View ” of any emergency scenario.
They can also be deployed to record a fire drill for more effective planning for evacuation procedures during real-life emergency situations.