ACS are a dedicated Safety & Security Company offering a wide range of Visitor, Contractor & Staff systems designed to completely fulfil your site specific Health & Safety requirements & also providing a full site muster list using LIVE data on a rugged smart tablet!


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ACS Products Ltd is dedicated to supplying high quality solutions based around Safety & Security and by using the latest available technology to ensure our customers have made every step possible to protect assets and more importantly personnel within your organisation or on a site. Due to this demand for improving security in most business sectors and the requirement for integration of all Security and Safety systems from Access control with CCTV or a single Muster reporting tool to make sure all staff, Visitors or contractors are included in the case of a fire or evacuation scenario.

Integrated Solutions - Due to the demand for integration of security applications and to enable compliance to ISO and other standards, ACS are unique in having in-house developers that over the last few years have built an extremely feature rich Staff & Visitor-Contractor Register application that will link to any access control system and provide one main database that records who is on site at any one time, so it can produce a total complete Muster Fire Report. Also available are PDA and I-Pad applications, for Fire/ Emergency situations to show in real time who is Safe or who is Not. Our latest offering is a powerful iPad application for the Fire Marshal to have a complete overview of the site, where people are and also the GPS locations of key personnel, those with special evacuation requirements and site equipment that is needed in an emergency evacuation.

Our range of products includes Door Entry and Building Access Control Solutions, with equipment ranging from simple card systems through to high tech Biometric Fingerprint/Hand & Iris Recognition solutions. We also supply and integrate CCTV solutions into our Access Control Software to pin point exactly what happened and when, with off site remote monitoring via the Internet as part of our standard offering.

Please contact us for a FREE quotation or demonstration of our systems. We also offer free site surveys.

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