ACS are a dedicated Safety & Security Company offering a wide range of Visitor, Contractor & Staff systems designed to completely fulfil your site specific Health & Safety requirements & also providing a full site muster list using live data on a rugged smart tablet!


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Manned Guarding

We provide professional, reliable and cost effective security service that gives total reassurance at all times. Our Management team are SIA (Non - Frontline) Licensed and our Security Personnel are selected for their integrity and are SIA licensed before they take on an assignment programme tailored to your requirements - improving both safety and security for your organisation.

Static Manned Guarding

Static Manned Guarding

Our security personnel are selected for their integrity and are fully trained and SIA licensed before they take on an assignment tailored to the clients need. They patrol buildings or Construction sites at irregular intervals so that their movement are not predictable. Their range of duties can be monitored remotely via specific patrol monitoring software (PES Sensor Device) and a full range of backup systems are employed to ensure contract compliance. They have the skills, knowledge and experience to deal with whatever may arise and contact the relevant people or the police.

Reception Security Services

We provide competent, friendly, and professional uniformed security personnel fully vetted to provide security within your premises whilst the focus being on customer care. As a security company, our role is not only to maintain security but also building security and maintaining customer service focused, a secure, inviting and welcoming reception. Our security personnel are fully trained and confident to deal with general enquiries and security alerts. Our objective is to always achieve and exceed customer satisfaction with the services we offer and always aim for a professional customer experience. 

Reception Security

How ACS Products P.E.S Works

Set Up and Use

PES Sensor is assigned to a site or an individual through WinKontrol 2006 software. 

Employee is assigned a unique ID key ring. 

Employee logs on by touching the unique ID key ring to the PES sensor. 

Location checkpoints are quickly and easily programmed through WinKontrol 2006 Software then placed around the site to be patrolled. 

Employee fulfils patrol as required by touching the location's iButton checkpoints with the PES sensor. 

Any sabotage, notable events (for example windows/doors open, fire extinguishers missing, lights left on/intruders on site etc) can be recorded and reported using the Incident Wallet.  

The Basics

Transfer and Review

  • Once the patrol or tour (series of patrol routes) is completed, data can be transferred through a memory tag usually held by a supervisor visiting the site or direct to the PC on site via the USB 2.0 adaptor. 

  • One memory tag can hold up to 2000 readings from any number of different sensors before reaching its 64Kb capacity. 

  • The memory tag also ensures that the patrol sensor does not have to be returned to a control room to be downloaded. 

  • Multi- sensor information is now downloaded to the software to generate many different and easy to understand report types (exception reports/vandal reports/incident reports/checkpoint reports etc).