ACS are a dedicated Safety & Security Company offering a wide range of Visitor, Contractor & Staff systems designed to completely fulfil your site specific Health & Safety requirements & also providing a full site muster list using live data on a rugged smart tablet!


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iMuster - A powerful tool for any Fire Marshal...

iMuster is part of the ACS Visitor-Contractor & Staff Registration Manager system

ACS Products iMuster for Smart tablet application links with your Visitor-Contractor & Staff Register system and also current access control software if required. The application shows a list of everyone in the building which you can tick off and call if missing. Once completed a muster report in created, the application also enables you to take pictures of the scene, make notes, shows safety information and muster points.


Full Muster List

Records all steps of the emergency

Full muster reports

Health & Safety Improves Duty of Care

24/7 x 365 Operation

Saves valuable time

Helps Fire Marshal to ensure everyone is accounted for



Links to Existing Access Control Systems

Intuitive Interface

Management Reports Sent Via email

Map with Muster Points

LIVE Feed options from UAV's

PEEPS for people with specials requirements

fire safety

How it works?

  1. 1. Fire alarm goes off Fire Marshal simply picks up an iPad or Smart Tablet showing LIVE data regarding everyone who is on site.
  2. 2. Fire Marshal goes through ticking off who is safe or not and calls anyone missing.
  3. 3. Once everyone is safe and emergency services have left site the application sends a report detailing evacuation times, notes & photos taken to the management team via email.
  4. 4. Site Maps & GPS tracking is used to help assist emergency services or people that may need specialisations. 
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fire safety fire safety fire safety