ACS are a dedicated Safety & Security Company offering a wide range of Visitor, Contractor & Staff systems designed to completely fulfil your site specific Health & Safety requirements & also providing a full site muster list using live data on a rugged smart tablet!


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Safety & Security UAV's - For All Your Security Needs

ACS Products have recognised that technology is now available to help us achieve what we believe to be the first company to produce a solution to help security officers see a complete picture of activity in a particular location improving both safety and security for your organisation. Our ACS Safety & Security UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) can be pre-programmed to fly to specific areas like weak security points or parts of a site that are some distance from the security office and may not be covered by CCTV.

These Multi-Copters are fitted with HD quality video cameras, which feed the video stream live back to the ACS Security Commander for iPad app, so the security office or officers can review what is needed without having to put an officer at risk. They also provide a deterrent as any person breaching the security will see that they are being watched!

The ACS UAV can be sent to an area of the site where a potential security breach has happened, that sends back LIVE Video feed to the security control room or on to the iPad.

UAV Fire/Emergency LIVE Feed UAV Security LIVE Feed UAV Flir LIVE Feed Night Vision

Benefits of UAV's (Unmanned Arial Vihicle) intergrated with the ACS iMuster Application.

  • Live Video of Security breach so the security guards can make quick decisions based on the type of incident.
  • The intruder will see that he/she is being watched and will assume what they are doing is being recorded, so may just leave. (With zero risk to the security guard!)
  • UAV can get to remote parts of the site faster than a guard.